PLPinto.M. About Us

PLPinto.M. is a portal of knowledge and education, consisting of several websites, formed by a group of entrepreneurs.

Our aim is to build high-quality content articles, manuals and eBooks that help people to develop themselves personally and get the most out of their daily tasks, thereby making their lives easier and happier.

Our platform is unique because of the quality and depth of the content and, of course, our willingness to see all our readers learn as these ideas positively change their lifestyles.

We are focused on how to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. Our websites are created from a simple and practical idea; to be happy we must first take care of ourselves and the things that are important in our lives because without that balance, nothing makes sense.

Although our several websites covers very general topics, we are more focused on sexual and relationship problems that can significantly affect our lives.

However, PLPinto.M. is not just a group of sites were you can learn how to do things or getting information about how you can have a better, healthier, happier life.

In addition to the technical and practical knowledge of the executive director Pedro Pinto, who writes or reviews every article before they are published, we also use research, news and op-eds from world-known experts as an inspiration for our publications.

Individuals who are part of some of the most renowned websites and organizations worldwide, and who sporadically collaborate with our websites.