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  1)– The products we recommend on our website cannot be ordered by email or phone. You need to follow the links under the respective pages until you find an ordering form.

2)– The orders take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive. If an order gets lost please contact the distributor directly (by the contact information at the order's confirmation email or the link at the end of this email) because we do not have access to the orders or the client's information. If you cannot find the contact information please tells us which product it is and we will send you the distributor's contact.

3)– Each product has it's own payment details, that you can consult only when you make an order.

4)– The price often is shown as the client's currency, but sometimes it's only available in dollars or euros. Some products present their prices in each country only after the client fills the form. To know how much it is in your currency when an order appears in dollars or euros, please visit this website

If your question concerns a certain remedy, please provide the name of said remedy; if it’s regarding a problem, explain it as thoroughly as possible. DON’T FORGET TO TELL US WHAT YOUR COUNTRY IS AND THE PRODUCT NAME.
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